Friday, May 05, 2006

...Japan has sunk to a new low.

This is a disturbing turn for the worse.

Although I realize Japanese fanartists will eventually do it, the recent pornographic fanarts of Suzumiya Haruhi sickens me. If you were to follow the discussions on forums and anime blogs, you would realize two things:

1. Haruhi is well, GOD, and
2. You should never have sexual relations with GOD.

The Japanese, never to leave anything sacred, drew Haruhi getting raped, giving footjobs, what have you. If we were to take what we know into context, the Japanese fanartists have, in fact, made a new fetish.


Ladies and gentlemwn, Japan has sunk to a new low in perversion. Lower than even armpit intercourse. This is a disturbing time to live in. Goddamn fetishes.


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