Friday, May 12, 2006

I am moving house.

Yep, moving house.

Your favorite Japanese mememoticon is now found on Wordpress.


Change yer bookmarks, Live Bookmarks and whatnot, for orz is orzing in a new place.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

I lament the lack of yaoi in a humourous aspect in Haruhi

My thoughts on this matter need to be expanded into at least 100 words.

Well, you all know the scene where poor Haruhi could't get on a date with Kyon...

Now, you might think I'm gonna elaborate on this matter, but I'm not. I'm gonna elaborate why wasn't there an Itsuki X Kyon date. And why KyoAni should make a DVD Extra featuring that.

I do realize I am somewhat crazy in saying that I would like to see this happen. And I would. (I'm also utterly random and might embrace the buttsechz, but that's beside the point) You see, even though there are three hawt women who would want to consort with Kyon, the thing is, Finally having that crazy date would finally put an end to the question: How would Kyon react to a man willing to go on a date with him? We all know that Kyon is as interested in the girls as I am interested in my butt, but if Itsuki (or some other hapless male character, or better yet, the cat) went up to him and wanted to go on a date with him, how would our perpetually-indifferent hero react? Surprised? Horrified? Actually interested?

I'm also interested to see Kyon and Itsuki buttseching, but screw you. I wanna see a Kuso-Miso Technique-esque(the dreaded YARANAIKA meme) scene with Kyon and Itsuki.

And if all else fails, I say we bring in Tohno Shiki. This sex-machine on two legs make men, women and animals swoon for him. If Kyon isn't HAADO GEI for him, I'll eat my stinky beansprouts.

Hypocrisy, drama, and Jason may have less nekomimi meido from me.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Seems like Jason may have taken a lot of flak over deleting a few excellent blogs while leaving all the raw summarizers intact.

Who went and killed Jason FunnyBone and replaced him with this angsty, black, robotic, ForceChoking shadow that is Darth Jason?

Jason, while I respect your decision, and even though you may have put a nice spin on your decision, the point is, doing what you did states that you might be a hypocrite. Sometimes, you have to realize that your words and your actions should match, in order to gain the community's trust. If you had explained your actions, you might have lessened the flaming. I fucked up. I fail. We have to shoulder the blame too. orz

And as for the nekomimi meido, well, can't I keep a few for breeding purposes? That way, I can still pay me [JOKE]"nekomimi meido tax"[/JOKE] for years to come! orz

Now then, for people who read my blog(I believe there's only one), am I focusing too much on bitching and losing me focus on anime, or am i cool with the anime to bitching ratio?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How to get the Most Favored Blog Status from Jason, while making me laugh like an idiot.

Someone mentioned sending Jason pics of your little sister dressed up as Shana and eating meronpan to get his attention. Well, assuming the FBI and Homeland Security doesn't stick it in your pooper, I say that's one great way to nab that elusive "Most Favored Blog" status from Jason.

Here at orz, we (and by we, I mean I), we have a couple of methods to actually get that elusive status, all of which might land you in jail, get caught by the FBI, be mistaken for a yaoi-loving male shotacon, gay, involve armpit intercourse, a visit from those crazy Knight of the Order Haruhi (FOR THE 42,432,942nd time, I'M NOT SWEARING MY ALLEIGANCE TO HARUHI), or a combination of the above, or better still, all of the above, plus something stuck in your pooper. Or not.

It's one crazy longshot of doom, but if we all try to make Jason know about this series of shooters, i think he'll like it, assuming he has mad reflexes. Or we sling him enough Touhou doujins. And if he knows about it, all the better. IT HAS MAIDS AND NEKOMIMIS DAMMIT. And hell, I'm doing it. Of course this comes at a risk: he might not be blogging for months, and we don't want that.

We all know the "Mafia" controls the "Internets". If you have "Mafia" links, "use" them.
(Of course, this assumes you know I'm referring to the SOMETHINGAWFULFORUMS. So fucking leet I have to put it in CAPS.)

And schtick to it when possible.(Pun intended.) Jason's crazy about nekomimi meido, some of them are goddamn siscons, and I'm covering the yaoi-loving male shotacon with other diturbing things area. Of course, this won't guantaree your MFB status.

This is a proven tactic and will most likely send Jason in a tizzy. Don't overdose, though, he might get an aneurysm and DIE. Him dying = not good.

Oh noes. If you resort to this, you really must be desperate and crazy. He's gonna crack if you do this.

Well, that's all there is, there isn't any more. If you do at least one of these things, te MFB is guantareed to fall unto you, guantaree.

If you actually take this seriously, I will laugh like an idiot. You have to be smoking paracetemol, chewing chalk, eating solid fuel and snorting lolis to actually do any of the aforementioned.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cute back the fucking web.

For too long we, the anime community, have lived under the oppression of Internet Explorer. Lack of protection against viruses, trojan, and other bad stuff, too many unsafe ActiveX applications, lack of tabbed browsing, and horrors of horrors, no cute thing in the corner. For too long we have suffered under the tyranny of Bill Gates and his unsafe practices.

But then, in 2002, a new broswer came out. It was the Age of Rebellion. People came flocking to the fox wreathed in red flames. Promising safety against the evil software that sought to fuck our computers, Live Bookmarks, tabbed browsing, and other shiny stuff, people hailed the new being as the Messiah of Internet Browsers.

However, a new age is upon us. No more do we have to rely on Firefox to get us through the Internet. No more do we have to be like the millions who converted, the dirty, unwashed masses who care not for us, the anime community. No more will we live under the oppression of the Big Blue E and cower before its bluish might. No more we will wonder, "Where the fuck is my cute little icon at the top-lefthand-corner of my browser?"

Fellow fans, the age of Lolifox is upon us. Cute back the fucking web.

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Top 10 lolis (and shotas, I'm not picky) [Based off Jason's Meido power rankings]

Well then, if Jason can have a meido ranking, why not one for the 18 and under(accoding to the UN Children's Charter)? After all, I'm not gonna stick me p0n0s into their ori0000s.


Coming in at number 10, we have.........

10. Suika Ibuki (Touhou Sumisou - Immaterial and Missing Power)
She's the loliest, most drunk loli on the list. She's extremely cute and would most probably fall asleep on your lap. Watch out for those beans, though. She hates them. I'd put her higher, if she weren't drunk all the time and havnig the ability to crush me like a bug. (Or peep on me whenever I take a leak. )

And at number 9... ... ... ...

9. Aruru (Utawarerumono)
Let's see here, cute, has a BIG FREAKING NIGH INVINCIBLE TIGER for a bodyguard and pet, and is very much attached to Mr. T000 B0000 Rune (Hakuoro) himself. And since the tiger will kill you if you cross swords with Mr T000 B0000 Rune Himself, you really are in a bit of a sticky widget.

And taking the 8th position is... ... ... ...

8. Chiyo (Azumanga Daioh)
She's cute, has a big friendly dog, has a cat for a father, smart to the nth degree, and is adored by all. I have to dock points for BEING ABLE TO KILL PEOPLE WITH HER ACTIONS AND THAT DAMNED PENGUIN COSTUME. Ack.

Barely trumping Chiyo in 7th position is... ... ...

7. Rebacca Miyamoto AKA Becky (Pani Poni Dash)
See above, sans dog, cat father and plus points for looking cute if threatened if you bully her. O_O

6th place is a goddamned shocker. IT'S A LITTLE BOY OMG.

6. Yuuno (Mahou Shoujou Lyrical Nanoha / Nanoha A's)
He's one of the reasons why I watched Nanoha (actually, the main reason) I LOVE SHOTA FERRETS.
...Wait, what's with those pitchforks? And trebuchets? And torches? I'm not done yet...T_T

Look, people, I'm only halfway through. Lemme finish this, okay?

Moving on to number 5... ... ... ...

5. Shana~ (Shakugan no Shana~)
YES I PUT SOME FUCKING TILDES. She's that special. And OMG AN AHOGE. OMG MERONPAN. *Critical hit! DrmChsr0 takes 9999 damage! DrmChsr0 DIES. Now, if I can form a contract with Archer and turn Sakai Yuuji into a FUCKING PINCUSHION, I'd be happy happy joy joy.

And now, rage abated (somewhat, gimme Caliburn, I'll rip that fucker's head off), we can continue to number 4 on the chart.

4. Illyasivel von Einzbren (Fate/Stay Night)
Seriously, who doesn't love a foreign loli who takes the initiative when it comes to men? She kidnaps Shirou and wants him to wait on her hand and foot, or something. And as a bonus, she has some oddly dresed meidos. I'd rank her higher, but I love Caster more.

Down to the last 3, this is gonna get fun.

3. Fate Testarossa (Mahou Shoujou Lyrical Nanoha / Nanoha A's), Mitsuki (He is My Master), Saber (Fate/Stay Night)
OMFG THREE WAY TIE. Also happens all three are blondes. Saber has the FREAKING AHOGE (yank it and you have another Saber~), Mitsuki is one evil loli(don't be fooled by the maid dress, err, thingy! Serious. She commands her army of fanboys to do her will. SHE'S FUCKING EMPEROR PALPATINE.), and Fate-chan, well, apart from being HAADO GEI for Nanoha, she has this rather awesome whipping sce-
MaullarMaullar, I'm gonna come over to your dorm AND FUCK YOU IN THE ASS BDSM-STYLE.

Last two, I'm too damn lazy to separate them, and they're just too damn awesome.

2. Ren (Tsukihime)
1. Nanako (Kagetsu Tohya)
Lesee here... on one end of the spectrum, a blue-haired loli catgirl who has the ability to kill you using wet dreams. She likes quiet walks in the park, strawbery shortcake, and can turn into a cat at will. On the other end of the spectrum, we have a slightly whiny unicorngirl who can turn into a big freaking gun that can kill you in one blow. She likes carrots, her master and more carrots.
Herein lies a problem. Why is Nanako ranked number 1? Well, mostly because I can't pry Ren from Shiki without becoming HAADO GEI for him. Goddamn Gland. With Nanako, all you need is a fresh curry bread from Messian. OHKO. Ciel's screwed.I get Nanako and all is well. Okay, maybe not.

Shanghai doll (Touhou)
Okay, she's not an actual loli, but a cute little doll. And yes, she's A LOT CUTER than Shinku and company. Don't give the crap that she's expendable, I'm not gonna turn her into a cute grenade of doom. Not even in the face of the Knights of Haruhi(and for the last time, you annoying knights in Incerceptor body armor, NO I WILL NOT SWEAR MY ALLEGIANCE TO HARUHI.).Dolls need some love too.

Okay guys, I'm done. Go ahead and hit me with your worst.
*yanks out Sakai Yuuji and makes him the cannon fodder while DrmChsr0 runs like the wind.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Pick thine own harem? 'Tis a blessing indeed!

Say, Jason, You're lucky there's no one going nuts and listing overpowered female characters.

That would make for one messy harem.

Let's look at Shirou's crazy harem, for example. Two(and probably more) Servants, two mages, two Grails, one really messy tentacle monster, and not to mention one healthy teacher. All of them differing in personalities. We're lucky Nasu didn't turn Fate into a harem game. Shirou will die.

And then in Tsukihime, each woman in the harem could, would, and will rip one another(and poor Shiki) apart. Twice. Arc's a freaking plot device, Ciel has a lot of weapons up her sleeves(literally), Akiha as got some mad skills, Sion has the Etherite and her Black Barrel Replica, Kohaku's got knowledge of poisons and a killer broomstick, and I shan't go into the side characters. IT'S THE TOHNO GLAND AT WORK, I SWEAR BY ME BALLS.

Moving on to something more mundane, Negi is sure damn unlucky to have one freaking large harem. 31 little girlies all wanting his little shota self. Even his magic isn't all that effective in trying to scrub off even one.

But enough talk. Harem time.

Who gets the fist wife spot? Hell, it's tough. I like them all, and if I don't put Haruhi as first wife, I'll be tagged as a heretic and be dealt as such. Then again, since I'm not gonna consider Haruhi, bring it on. *arms self Rambo-style.

1. Caster (Fate/Stay Night)
When all is said and done, nothing beats a princess with some golden wool, the ability to beamspam with impunity, and well, evil Bell. Teehee. Incidentally, Caster is my favorite female from Fate, so :P. Screw you, Knights of Haruhi.

The second wife, wii~. Well, at least I'm not gonna catch hell for this one. Then again, why should I not take precautions? *dons a Starship Troopers-esque powered armor suit.

2. Wilhelmina Carmel (Shakugan no Shana)
:P I have no idea why I like Wilhelmina a lot. All I know is Sakai Yuuji is gonna pay. It's only a matter of time before I find the perfect guy to TEAR OPEN A NEW ONE IN HIS ASS. Hrm, maybe Fabro Rowan and his beasts might be payment for Yuuji's impunity... or maybe that gay-looking Servant with the red lance...Hell, a Kotomine is fine too... or maybe Tohno "MR. A CAT IS FINE TOO" Shiki.

And now it's time for the third wife. She should be a beauty. One with magical powers. And skilled in combat. Hrm. Tough one. Wait. I think I have a winner.

3. Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou)
She satsisfies the aforementioned criteria, does she not? Well, there's also the really minor issue of prying her from the Scarlet Devil Mansion... I'll bring cheesecake.

Moving on to the fourth one. Man this harem thing is tiring. I think I'll choose a LITTLE BOY next.

4. KoGil (Fate/Hollow Ataraxia)
Gilgamesh took a youth potion and became this cute little boy you see here. He's well-mannered, nice to people, and likes mature women. Well, screw you. I like my cute little boys and you can't stop me. Who said harems can't have little boys? *wields dual Browning M2 anti-aircraft machineguns. And Fate/Hollow Ataraxia is different fro Fate/Stay Night.

Oh my, the fifth wife. Can't take Karen, nor Shana, and BY ME BALLS, I WILL NEVER TAKE HARUHI AS MY LAWFULLY AND UNLAWFULLY WEDDED WIFE, FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE. Hrm. Well, to spite Tamaki fans, here's...

5. HMX-17a Ilfa (To Heart 2)
Robot Maids FTW. And Ilfa is cute, and has boobs, to boot. TAKE THAT MAHORO.

Hey, the last wife. Man I thought I was never going to finish this. Hmmm... NO YOU GODDAMN KNIGHTS OF HARUHI I'M NOT GONNA SWEAR MY ALLEGIANCE TO HARUHI. By Thoth, you Knights are pissing me off. Even without Haruhi, there's still so many options. Hmm. I'm tempted to put Lilith and end it all. Wait, I can.

6. Lilith (Yami no Boushi no Hon no Tabibito)
The very cute librarian from Yamibou. Partly because Carnelian is one of my favorite artists. :P
And she has a cute personality, too. And she has a cute yellow canary which is all fat and no meat.

And now, ZE MEIDO CORPS. Now, while most people would settle for one maid, I'm thinking a minimum of at least 3. I might hit 6, though. Hey, a big family needs a big workforce.

HEAD MEIDO: Archer (Fate/Stay Night)
Head butler, more like. What a great abuse of skills. At least he won't run out of cooking knives.

ASSISTANT HEAD MEIDO: Shamal (Mahou Shoujou Lyrical Nanoha A's)
Okay, not exactly meido material, but she cooks, dammit. COOKS.

MEIDO: Tachibana (Mahoraba), Noel and Farin (Nanoha/Triangle Hearts)
Tachibana doubles up as covert ops and, well, Noel and Farin needed a job after Nanoha A's ended so I took them in. It was either that or well, let's just say those meido cafes in Japan are pretty kinky...

Oh well. Wish me luck, Keitaro's immortal constitution and the TOHNO GLAND that I may come out of this alive. Hell, even with twin M2 Browning Machine Guns, my powered armor, and all this weaponry, I don't know if I can withstand repeated blows from the Knights of Haruhi, Mahoro, Tamaki fanboys, and pretty much most of anime fandom.

Dubs vs Subs: What's the big deal?

Seriously, what's the big fucking deal with this issue? It's like everyone thinks one form is SUPERIOR than others.

People, people, get a fucking grip. Both forms have their own merits and demerits.

Now, while we are all fighting this big imaginary war over which is better, let me tell you something. Both forms have their merits and demerits. It doesn't matter which is better or which is teh suck. As long as the coprpoations don't FUCKING BUTCHER IT, it's all right. And by butchering, look at what 4Kids do to anime. Better still, look at Yu-Gay-Oh and One Piece. The American versions. Then come back to me.

Of course, it isn't fair to say that subbing is superior. If you have either a shitty typesetter or translator, The sub comes out all shitty. Examples include speedsubbers, and some commrcial anime companies who provide all the frills ad stuff. Pirated stuff counts too, for the subbing quality isn't all that good.

Personally, I prefer subs to dubs meself, but when it comes down to it, it's all up to you, the confused consumer. You will miss out on the newer stuff if you stick to dubs, though. And subbing is definitely cheaper, from a business point of view. I think.

Also, think about the poor animatos and voiceactors/actresses who literally slave in an airconditioned room to produce what you are watching. Usually, they re overworked and underpaid. And people diss them. Yes, I'm being serious here.

So whatever your preference, shut the fuck up and enjoy the show. You never know when Japan might CUT OFF THE FLOW.

Things I would like to see fansubbers to do. ie, Fuck i shouldn't bitch, but this is necessary.

Whoopdefuckingdo, fansubbing has gone from small-time to FUCKIN' MAINSTREAM, thanks to fatpipe connections, Bram Cohen, and PirateBay(Yes, I realise there are free/opensource alternatives to Adobe series of videoediting software, but I couldn't resist). But has the quality of the subs gone up? Not one teensy weensy bit(again, mostly extrapolation). I swear on my balls(which are worth 42 American cents, by the way).

Now, if I were part of the fansubbing comunity, I'd have grounds to bitch, but fuck'em. It's a free Internet, and I ain't gonna be denied of my Internet right to free speech.

Now, to business.


1. Kill the karaoke. I don't really have a problem with this, but well, to flaunt your skills to people who just wanna watch the show ain't cutting it. We know you have the skills. Don't RAM IT DOWN OUR THROATS. Also, who sings to the OP, anyway? This ain't Japan.

2. Do some research. Heck, DO A LOT OF RESEARCH. Even better, if the anime is derived from something, READ/PLAY/WATCH THE FUCKING SOURCE MATERIAL. Look, I know some of the subbers are speedsubbers(and therefore, excused) but for the rest of you subbers, can't it KILL you to have a look at the source material before subbing? And don't give me the 'I CAN'T READ JAPANESE' excuse. If your translators can't read a word of Japanese, then I say, you got a dud translator. Anime series are announced at least 2 months before the first episode airs, and there's plenty of time to do research.

3. I want readable fonts. Many subbers are guilty of using fonts that SEAR MY FUCKING EYES. For fuck's sake how hard is it to use fonts and colors that contrast with the scenes? (Kudos to thoss subbers using the matroska conatiner format, it helps a lot when I can alter the fonts and colors)

4. Those damn note overlays should DIE. Look, I know not everyone knows about Japanese culture and whatnot, but would it kill them to include a text/pdf file with all the notes? Not only does it annoy less, but they have a handy-dandy text/pdf file to refer to when they don't know some of the stuff being said.

And now, a barely-veiled threat to the subbing group some of us really hate. Actually, it's more of a venomous strike than a threat.

It's bad enough that you cuntwaffles delay subs by 2 FUCKING MONTHS, it's barely tolerable when you use OH MY GOD MY EYES BURN fonts and colors, it's sacrilege that you spineless whores TACK ON AN EXTRA 50 FUCKING MEGS TO SHOW OFF AND CALL IT QUALITY, but the last straw is DROPPING ALL SERIES THAT HAVE BEEN LICENSED BECAUSE YOU CALL YOURSELVES ETHICAL SUBBERS. Seriously, that term is a FUCKING OXYMORON. You've already violated THE FUCKING BERNE CONVENTION by subbing. If you don't have THE FUCKING GUTS TO DO THE DIRTY WORK, then what I suggest is to DEREGISTER YOUR SACRILEGOUS DOMAIN, DISBAND THE ENTIRE FUCKING GROUP, AND GIVE THE SERVERS TO PEOPLE WHO NEED THE BANDWIDTH. Like, say, Jason Miao?

(Now, in defense of most ethical subbers, these guys do a wonderful job. Not that I would complain about their spines, but Lunar really pissed me off. And for those of you expecting me to say 4chan, well, :P. Reason being, THEY ARE SUPPORTED BY SOMETHINGAWFUL.COM. More Goons willing to help them than you can shake a stick at.)

Now, technically, as a leecher and fellow violator of the Berne Convention, I should just shut the fuck up and enjoy the free service, but, again, please consult my second paragraph.

I like doing this because I'll probably have something up me shithole, but who cares? It's not as if people actually listening to a ranting Swede, do they?

Help me, there's a breach in sector blogsuki. Too many "me-too" blogs. STREWTH! *dies

It seems like poor Jason is getting kinda tired with people summarizing the latest raws.

I don't blame him, really. It's nice of you people to crush my very hopes of not wanting to know what happens in the latest episode of here, but according to him, it's like the Borg: Assimilate or else.

Now, I know people have certain ideas of how to run an anime blog, but really, summarizing raws isn't the only way to run an anime blog. Just look at Jason and AoMM. Less on the raws, more of the funny stuff. His bananas stump grey matter growth article is pretty frikkin' hilarious.

Also, while it might not be of much concern to you, nabbing that raw is actually one of the many ways to get a big fat lawsuit shoved down your throat, should Japan actually wise up to the situation and INVADE OUR LANDS WITH ANIME AND DISTURBING PORNZ. By downloading that raw, you've just broken the BERNE CONVENTION (google that) and while it may not seem like much to you, but to Japan, should it wise up to the situation(and if they actually get some common sense, but it's more likely that I'll be eaten by a giant Shai-Halud and becoming melange before that happens), they could turn the world into their giant, round pork frankfurter by giving each nation of the world huge helpings of bukkakke, lawsuits, and buttsechz.

However, if you still persist on doing so, then, well, I have nothing to say. Have a little HARD GAY to be on your way.

Friday, May 05, 2006


I heard about the series over the Internets, And IRC, but then again, you hear many things over IRC. Like how Nintendo decided to use the term 'WII' as the name of their new console. Or how the Playstation3 will contain half a pound of nitroglycerin.

I was promised little girls blowing the crap outta robots. Little girls taking out FUCKING GUNDAMS like anti-'Mech infantry kneecapping battlemechs without sweat. Little girls vaping Otomes and ENTIRE FUCKING PLANETS IDEON-STYLE with MASTER SPARK and FINAL SPARK. But after halfway across the first episode(actually, it was after 2 minutes from the start of the first episode) I got disgusted by the slow pacing and promptly left the series on the backburner. And on my harddrive.

...Until I got wind of this hilarious webcomic that poked fun at the various scenes and characters in it(or to be more precise, the second season. Crazy lesbo Fate-chan and and ribbon-clad shota Yuuno FTW). Go Japan. I forced myself to watch past the first two minutes of the first episode... ... ... ...

...And got hooked. To be honest, most magical girl series don't really sit too well with me, due to an overdose of the dubbed version of CardCaptor Sakura. Ugh. The horribleness of the dub and the cuteness of the visuals made for one diabetes-inducing ride. I may need more sessions with Dan Kim(Of Tomoyo42's Room fame) to flush everything out.

Anyways, it kinda gathered speed at episode 3, when Nanoha laments on her failure. That was the turning point.

As for the series proper, I have to appalud the scriptwriter(s) for coming up with a fairly effective (if not wholly original)plot, and then expanding on the original plot in the second series by adding more multifaceted characters. And the magic isn't powered by love or some arbitary emotion. Be warned: this stuff can take out entire buildings, and vape entire cities at will. This ain't Sailor Moon, boy!(Though Hotaru's scythe of IDEON SWORD is pretty similar to Fate Testarossa's Bardiche's Scythe Form)

Another good point is the multifaceted characters(Okay, maybe not all of them). You see, being one schooled in the arts of effective storytelling, I apprecieate the effort made to portray fictional characters as human. Moving scenes help a lot. Speaking of which, I must point out something interesting about Nanoha A's. The stark differences between the action scenes and the peaceful scenes (with narration, of course), where the characters' personalities are developed further, isn't something extremely mindblowing, but makes for a nice touch.

Music, I just like. I don't need to give a reason, I just do.

You can complain Nanoha's formula has been done before, and I agree. But why is it that I like Nanoha and not other magical girl series? For one, it does a well-tread formula well. Second, there's an element of science-fiction. Not enough to turn it into a mecha anime, but enough to complement the setting.

Actually, what won me over was the SHOTA FERRET. Yep, it was Yuuno. I love that little feller to death.

Okay, I've said my piece. You may disagree with me, but I leave you with this: Does any magical series has a flogging scene where another magical girl gets flogged to near-death by her own mother? That was a pretty moving scene for me.

...Japan has sunk to a new low.

This is a disturbing turn for the worse.

Although I realize Japanese fanartists will eventually do it, the recent pornographic fanarts of Suzumiya Haruhi sickens me. If you were to follow the discussions on forums and anime blogs, you would realize two things:

1. Haruhi is well, GOD, and
2. You should never have sexual relations with GOD.

The Japanese, never to leave anything sacred, drew Haruhi getting raped, giving footjobs, what have you. If we were to take what we know into context, the Japanese fanartists have, in fact, made a new fetish.


Ladies and gentlemwn, Japan has sunk to a new low in perversion. Lower than even armpit intercourse. This is a disturbing time to live in. Goddamn fetishes.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First Impressions: Utawarerumono



Wait, does that mean I have to devour all of them? I'll die before I finish all of them.

I'm going off track, aren't I?

So without further ado,


Wait, a Leaf game turned into an animated series? OSHII~ Coud they turn it into something bland like To Heart(From what I heard, that would take an Act of God, since the story isn't really To Heart-ish)?

Oh well.

Fom what I have watched, I think I believe a good friend of mine(EvoSpace) when he says it's one of Leaf's best works. And well, it's pretty good and has yet to disappoint.

OP: The OP, "Musoka", isn't half bad. The song itself is sung pretty well,and it fits the scenes flashed. Speaking of the OP, I see that our Main Character has some rather interesting... ... ...allies. (Madcap theory: Hakuoro is actually Tohno Shiki(Of Tukihime and "A CAT IS FINE TOO" fame) in disguise.)

Story: From what I've seen, the story seems to be a well-crafted one of love, war, and tail erotica.I really love a good story, and if the first episode isn't that interesting, it'll not draw my attention right away.

ED: Very grand-sounding and regal. It really echoes the title well. Vey suitable for The One They Sing of In Legends.

Extras: Tail touching. Very hilarious. We all know Eruru wants someone to touch her tail. I swear, that tail is one huge erogeneous zone.

Overall: Very nice. I like.