Monday, May 08, 2006

Things I would like to see fansubbers to do. ie, Fuck i shouldn't bitch, but this is necessary.

Whoopdefuckingdo, fansubbing has gone from small-time to FUCKIN' MAINSTREAM, thanks to fatpipe connections, Bram Cohen, and PirateBay(Yes, I realise there are free/opensource alternatives to Adobe series of videoediting software, but I couldn't resist). But has the quality of the subs gone up? Not one teensy weensy bit(again, mostly extrapolation). I swear on my balls(which are worth 42 American cents, by the way).

Now, if I were part of the fansubbing comunity, I'd have grounds to bitch, but fuck'em. It's a free Internet, and I ain't gonna be denied of my Internet right to free speech.

Now, to business.


1. Kill the karaoke. I don't really have a problem with this, but well, to flaunt your skills to people who just wanna watch the show ain't cutting it. We know you have the skills. Don't RAM IT DOWN OUR THROATS. Also, who sings to the OP, anyway? This ain't Japan.

2. Do some research. Heck, DO A LOT OF RESEARCH. Even better, if the anime is derived from something, READ/PLAY/WATCH THE FUCKING SOURCE MATERIAL. Look, I know some of the subbers are speedsubbers(and therefore, excused) but for the rest of you subbers, can't it KILL you to have a look at the source material before subbing? And don't give me the 'I CAN'T READ JAPANESE' excuse. If your translators can't read a word of Japanese, then I say, you got a dud translator. Anime series are announced at least 2 months before the first episode airs, and there's plenty of time to do research.

3. I want readable fonts. Many subbers are guilty of using fonts that SEAR MY FUCKING EYES. For fuck's sake how hard is it to use fonts and colors that contrast with the scenes? (Kudos to thoss subbers using the matroska conatiner format, it helps a lot when I can alter the fonts and colors)

4. Those damn note overlays should DIE. Look, I know not everyone knows about Japanese culture and whatnot, but would it kill them to include a text/pdf file with all the notes? Not only does it annoy less, but they have a handy-dandy text/pdf file to refer to when they don't know some of the stuff being said.

And now, a barely-veiled threat to the subbing group some of us really hate. Actually, it's more of a venomous strike than a threat.

It's bad enough that you cuntwaffles delay subs by 2 FUCKING MONTHS, it's barely tolerable when you use OH MY GOD MY EYES BURN fonts and colors, it's sacrilege that you spineless whores TACK ON AN EXTRA 50 FUCKING MEGS TO SHOW OFF AND CALL IT QUALITY, but the last straw is DROPPING ALL SERIES THAT HAVE BEEN LICENSED BECAUSE YOU CALL YOURSELVES ETHICAL SUBBERS. Seriously, that term is a FUCKING OXYMORON. You've already violated THE FUCKING BERNE CONVENTION by subbing. If you don't have THE FUCKING GUTS TO DO THE DIRTY WORK, then what I suggest is to DEREGISTER YOUR SACRILEGOUS DOMAIN, DISBAND THE ENTIRE FUCKING GROUP, AND GIVE THE SERVERS TO PEOPLE WHO NEED THE BANDWIDTH. Like, say, Jason Miao?

(Now, in defense of most ethical subbers, these guys do a wonderful job. Not that I would complain about their spines, but Lunar really pissed me off. And for those of you expecting me to say 4chan, well, :P. Reason being, THEY ARE SUPPORTED BY SOMETHINGAWFUL.COM. More Goons willing to help them than you can shake a stick at.)

Now, technically, as a leecher and fellow violator of the Berne Convention, I should just shut the fuck up and enjoy the free service, but, again, please consult my second paragraph.

I like doing this because I'll probably have something up me shithole, but who cares? It's not as if people actually listening to a ranting Swede, do they?


  • Haha I totally agree with you on people who drop their translation project because the source material has been licensed in America. "Oh noes America is the world I cannot violate their copyrights but fuck the Japs lol no one cares about them!"

    WTF can the American Govt. do anyway, track your IP and arrest you for distributing fansubs? If you're really worried just get someone not living in America to post your goddamn torrent links. This "Oh noes its been licensed must stop" thing is fucking bullshit.

    By Anonymous Lupus, at Monday, May 08, 2006 5:29:00 pm  

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