Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How to get the Most Favored Blog Status from Jason, while making me laugh like an idiot.

Someone mentioned sending Jason pics of your little sister dressed up as Shana and eating meronpan to get his attention. Well, assuming the FBI and Homeland Security doesn't stick it in your pooper, I say that's one great way to nab that elusive "Most Favored Blog" status from Jason.

Here at orz, we (and by we, I mean I), we have a couple of methods to actually get that elusive status, all of which might land you in jail, get caught by the FBI, be mistaken for a yaoi-loving male shotacon, gay, involve armpit intercourse, a visit from those crazy Knight of the Order Haruhi (FOR THE 42,432,942nd time, I'M NOT SWEARING MY ALLEIGANCE TO HARUHI), or a combination of the above, or better still, all of the above, plus something stuck in your pooper. Or not.

It's one crazy longshot of doom, but if we all try to make Jason know about this series of shooters, i think he'll like it, assuming he has mad reflexes. Or we sling him enough Touhou doujins. And if he knows about it, all the better. IT HAS MAIDS AND NEKOMIMIS DAMMIT. And hell, I'm doing it. Of course this comes at a risk: he might not be blogging for months, and we don't want that.

We all know the "Mafia" controls the "Internets". If you have "Mafia" links, "use" them.
(Of course, this assumes you know I'm referring to the SOMETHINGAWFULFORUMS. So fucking leet I have to put it in CAPS.)

And schtick to it when possible.(Pun intended.) Jason's crazy about nekomimi meido, some of them are goddamn siscons, and I'm covering the yaoi-loving male shotacon with other diturbing things area. Of course, this won't guantaree your MFB status.

This is a proven tactic and will most likely send Jason in a tizzy. Don't overdose, though, he might get an aneurysm and DIE. Him dying = not good.

Oh noes. If you resort to this, you really must be desperate and crazy. He's gonna crack if you do this.

Well, that's all there is, there isn't any more. If you do at least one of these things, te MFB is guantareed to fall unto you, guantaree.

If you actually take this seriously, I will laugh like an idiot. You have to be smoking paracetemol, chewing chalk, eating solid fuel and snorting lolis to actually do any of the aforementioned.


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