Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First Impressions: Utawarerumono



Wait, does that mean I have to devour all of them? I'll die before I finish all of them.

I'm going off track, aren't I?

So without further ado,


Wait, a Leaf game turned into an animated series? OSHII~ Coud they turn it into something bland like To Heart(From what I heard, that would take an Act of God, since the story isn't really To Heart-ish)?

Oh well.

Fom what I have watched, I think I believe a good friend of mine(EvoSpace) when he says it's one of Leaf's best works. And well, it's pretty good and has yet to disappoint.

OP: The OP, "Musoka", isn't half bad. The song itself is sung pretty well,and it fits the scenes flashed. Speaking of the OP, I see that our Main Character has some rather interesting... ... ...allies. (Madcap theory: Hakuoro is actually Tohno Shiki(Of Tukihime and "A CAT IS FINE TOO" fame) in disguise.)

Story: From what I've seen, the story seems to be a well-crafted one of love, war, and tail erotica.I really love a good story, and if the first episode isn't that interesting, it'll not draw my attention right away.

ED: Very grand-sounding and regal. It really echoes the title well. Vey suitable for The One They Sing of In Legends.

Extras: Tail touching. Very hilarious. We all know Eruru wants someone to touch her tail. I swear, that tail is one huge erogeneous zone.

Overall: Very nice. I like.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Yay, I'm sparkling fresh!

Okay, enough nonsense.

I'm not into blogging much, and as a matter of fact, I rather dislike it. Well, living here exposes you to HORRIBLE SITE DESIGN, MEANINGLESS BLOGRIFFIC ACTIVITY, and mindless corporate whores ranting about their everyday lives.

So how did I come about watching Japanese Animation (and then going so deep as to embrace it, and its related subcultures, but not to that extreme)? Like most others, I started watching it on the dang-blasted television(when it still had semi-awesome stuff on.). I can remember staying up late to catch Fam and Ihirlie: Ruin Explorers before sleeping(on a school night, even. Beat that, bitches.) and the Ah! My Goddess OVAs. Serious. I'm not joking about this.

After about 4 years of living this way(without a mar on me marks, HOLY FUCKCAKES.), I stopped watching anime. Horrors. Oh well. Life goes on. Okay, maybe not, but I did read manga for a bit(and still am! HOLY FUCKNUGGETS OF MORDOR). That was a year after my personal and unexpected withdrawl from the medium.

Got back into the groove by watching Full Metal Panic! And well, discovered the world of Bittorrent and fansubs. This was in late 2003-Early 2004.

And here I am today. I started this partly to prove to myself I am as good as Anime on My Mind, a fine anime blog, if not better, and partly because I'm forcing myself to watch one episode of anime every day.

How is this blog gonna be run? Well, mostly about anime and crazy shit, kinda like Anime on My Mind. Except Crazier. A lot crazier. And also, probably, I'll be waxing lyrical about the Touhou series. And TYPE-MOON games. Don't know what's Touhou? Google it. Or watch this space. And may Chuck Norris roundhousekick you in the kneecaps if you aren't vaguely knowledgeable about TYPE-MOON(Hint: It's got something to do with Fate/Stay Night. And no, not the horrible eye-gouging cosplay sechz video that's not even vaguely related to the story. Nasu is your God.)

Also, as I write, I'll have a new layout and probably put this on Wordpress. Think of it as renovating whle working.

Now, off I go on a drug-induced coma.